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Freedom 05:54
Is 06:19
The 06:22
Road 09:59
Seldom 04:56
Travelled 07:18
By the 06:30
Multitude 06:07


DAVID ADES - alto sax

Recorded in BYRON BAY - AUGUST 2012

a few words about David Ades
5/10/1961 - 8/11/2013

Before I ever knew David Ades personally, his music already had a profound effect on me. I was lucky enough to stumble across a tape of Phil Treloar's piece PRIMAL COMMUNICATION, in which Dave played alongside Phil Treloar, Mark Simmonds and Steve Elphick plus orchestra. This music spoke to me loud and clear, it was steeped in the jazz tradition but wasn't derivative, it was highly intelligent music without being tricky, emotionally charged without being soppy, intellectual without being academic. I felt connected to these guys, I loved what they were doing, and I could relate to it as a young Australian interested in playing creative improvised music. It became part of me, part of how I wanted to approach my own music and what I felt important.

When I first met Dave in person I was on tour with Julien Wilson in 98 or 99, we played Byron Bay and I was doing my best to keep it together but I was not in a good way. Dave's positive, no bullshit attitude scared the hell out of me. I didn't know what to make of him, he didn't use drugs, drink and I think he had just quit smoking cigarettes, he was also dealing with an incredibly difficult situation concerning Melissa's health, he was quite the change from your average self obsessed pleasure seeking musician, he stuck out, he was different. I think we played together that night but my memory fails me, I remember the man more than the music, that he was intense, and that he talked straight.

A few years later I cleaned up my act, and I came to realize that David and I shared more things in common than just music, that he had travelled some hard roads, and that he was active in not returning! We became close, we never played much together, I would have loved to, but we were both living in different cities, and after awhile different countries. When Melissa left us he came and visited me in France, I was doing a terrible gig in a caravan park with a blues band to earn some cash, I was embarrassed to invite Dave along with me but he was into it, he came along for the ride and sat in on the whole gig, he later told me that when the band tuned up to a concert A it was actually a G !! No problem for Dave, he played the whole gig and just ripped it up ! Dave could hold his own in the street, AND in concert halls. I loved that about him.

I was not alone in thinking how unfair it was that David got cancer, no one 'deserves' illness, but why Dave, after all that, after all he had been through why him we asked ?
The last year and a half of Dave's life I was regularly in touch with Dave, he inspired us so so so much. He lived and breathed gratitude, he was humble, gracious, full of dignity, love for others, it was an amazing thing to witness, to experience, to be part of. A dying man living more that anyone I have ever known, he gave a lot, he was present, in the here and now, and had the sense of urgency of someone who knew he didn't have much time left. As many friends said at the time, he showed us how to live and how to die.

This music was recorded in Byron Bay where Dave lived, it was relaxed and spontaneous, recorded in an hour and a half max, improvised music, sometimes with 'themes' or 'ideas' behind the music, sometimes without … please share this music, help carry the message, as Dave did … the 14th step … the one after the 12th … enjoy !

December 2013



released January 12, 2013


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david ades-thierry fossemalle-will guthrie Byron Bay, Australia

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